Attending church on Sunday mornings is just one of the many ways to deepen your understanding of Scripture here at St. John's.  We invite you to try one of our Bible Studies or Small Groups.  Please contact the church office for more information.

Teaching the TRU Curriculum

  • Family oriented
  • Develops spirituality for learners and leaders
  • Tells God's story chronologically
  • Places us in God's story
  • Elevates Jesus as our Redeemer
  • Is taught by the Holy Spirit and led by our volunteers

Confirmation for Youth

If you are interested in confirmation at St. John's Presbyterian Church, please contact the church office for more information.

Life Group

Are there things in the Bible you've always wondered about?  Do you like to hear other's ideas and opinions.  Would you like to get to know others better?  Here at St. John's we have two Life Groups where these are just a few of the experiences we can have.

Life Group will be breaking during Holy Week but will re-start the week of April 24 (Wednesday at 7pm) and April 25 (Thursday at 1:30pm).