Texas Chihuahua Rescue, Canada is an organization who’s goal is to find the best families for their dogs.  They believe that inclusivity and diversity amongst adopters and volunteers is important. They are generally a small breed rescue however, due to Covid they have been adopting dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.  For more information on the great work they are doing, click Texas Chihuahua Rescue Canada to check out their website.

You can also visit their facebook page


Over the past year have you seen more people walking dogs in your neighborhood than you probably have in your lifetime?  But where have all these dogs come from? What is our big attraction to dogs and are they really Man’s (and Women’s) best friend?

Dog rescue organizations are becoming more familiar to us and we are going to explore one group that are doing amazing things.

In addition to highlighting and educating about dog rescue organizations, we want to do something. Over the next two weeks, St. John’s Grimsby will host a donation drive of new or gently used dog items.

Items in need include:  

  • Towels small- X large,  
  • Wet food, 
  • Dry salmon food, 
  • Sweaters med-xl, 
  • Med-xl collars, 
  • Blankets, 
  • New Leashes, 
  • Potty pads, 
  • Laundry soap and bleach, 
  • Dish soap.

There is a bin at the front door of St. John’s Presbyterian Church located at 10 Mountain Street Grimsby where you can leave your donations.

                  The dates of this donation drive are May 19th to June 2nd

what's so great about grimsby

Check out this edition of What's so great about Grimsby as Rev. Kyle chats with volunteers from the Texas Chihuahua Rescue Canada.