Sunday service information- 

for the month of september

Come in, come in and join us as we worship together for a powerful and uplifting service filled with music, readings and a message from Rev. Kyle.  Everyone is welcome and we look forward to greeting you at the door.  Then stay and join us with fellowship downstairs as we enjoy Coffee Hour together.

  • september 3, 2017

    Theme:  Our theme this week is Being transformed by God.  Our sermon direction is seen from Paul as he writes in Romans 11 about how God shows us mercy, and responds to this with a doxology (11:33-36).  however, he picks up again on this theme in 12:1 instructing us to be living sacrifices.  Once we know about God's grace and mercy, the story does not end there.  We are called to keep living it out and sharing the Good News in word and deed with all those around us.

    Message Title:  Transformation Celebration!

    Scripture:  Romans 12:1-8.  

    Please see our order of service.

  • September 10, 2017

    Theme:  Love of Christ, acceptance, transformation.  Today's sermon direction is similar to his letter to the church in Corinth, Romans 12 deals first with the sharing of our gifts for ministry and follows this up with the instructions on how to do this lovingly.  As we are challenged by change, our task is not to stand firm on everything, but find new ways to share Christ's love in ways that truly make a difference for someone else.  Our task is not to put up with changes begrudgingly blaming our unhappiness on future generations, but to see the opportunities our openness presents us to share the Good News in ways which invite a new audience in to hear and receive it.  The guiding principle behind all of this is Christ's love.

    Message Title:  All We Need is Love.

    Scripture: Romans 12:9-21

    Please see our order of service.

  • september 17, 2017

    Today we celebrate the new season of Kid's Worship with our new TRU program

    Theme:  God gives us choice

    Direction:  God gives us the gift of free will.  We choose to follow him and believe in his son Jesus.  God did not want us to be like robots, and designed us to share his love, forgiveness, hope, and reconciliation with a broken world.  Adam and Eve chose to follow the serpent's deception instead of God's way.  We are continually faced with the choice to follow Christ today.

    Message Title:

    Scripture: This Sunday's reading is taken from Genesis 3:1-24.  Please see our order of service.

  • september 24, 2017

    Theme:  God is worthy of worship


    Message Title:

    Scripture:  Today's reading is from Genesis 12:1-9