• Sunday April 22, 2018- Sacrament of Baptism

    Our theme is Jesus Redeems.  We find that the Big God story continues as Jesus forgives Peter for his earlier denial of him.  Peter becomes concerned about John, and Jesus encourages Peter not to worry about others but focus on his own call.  We have care for other people, but Jesus also encourages us to focus on our own relationship with him.  We all need redemption, but Jesus redeems us according to our sin.  He transforms us to be different people and various aspects of our lives are transformed and redeemed by Jesus' grace and redemption.  How have you been transformed by Jesus' redemption.

    Our Scripture today is taken from John 21:15-25

    The message is "Redemption, Not Redundancy".  Please click on the message to see the order of service.

  • Sunday April 29, 2018- MISSION AWARENESS

    Today the Presbyterian Women will be leading the service in honour of Mission Awareness Sunday and the great works done by the Women's Missionary Society of which the Presbyterian Women belong to.    The theme chosen for this day is

    The scripture is taken from .

    The message is titled "                  ".  Please click on the message title to see the order of service.