Children's Learning

About TRU Curriculum:

  • Family oriented
  • Develops spirituality for learners and leaders
  • Tells God's story chronologically
  • Places us in God's story
  • Elevates Jesus as our Redeemer
  • Is taught by the Holy Spirit and lead by our volunteers
  • TRU Blessings (baby-Senior Kindergarten)

    Our TRU BLESSINGS group enjoys a Bible story and play-based exploration of the theme.  Some different toys we use are blocks, play-doh, potato heads, a chalk board, colouring, and acting it out.  

    The themes are repeated two weeks in a row to help the kids remember them.  The children are invited to listen for God's Holy Spirit and respond to what they hear through an activity.  Our leaders lead in teams of two and rotate in a way that will help the children form deeper relationships with them; reflecting the type of relationship God has with us, His children.

  • TRU STORY (Grades 1-6)

    Through TRU STORY, the kids will play a game that relates to the lesson, hear a Bible story, learn where it fits in God's story, and respond to how the Holy Spirit is reaching them through activities like poetry, silent reflection, art and more.  The kids are lead by two leader pairs who rotate so that the kids can form deeper relationships with them.  

  • Family Involvement Resources

    We have several resources for family members.  Home Front weekly is a take home that is given at the end of the lesson each week - its purpose is to introduce the following week's lesson and theme.  Preparing together as a family ahead of Sunday morning not only allows for each person to feel ready and engaged in what is to come, but it also models that having a spiritual life is for the home, as well as the church.  

    There is also a Home Front monthly magazine that you can subscribe to to look at each month.  It contains relevant articles for spiritual parenting.  Contact church office for more information.